Medieval Inn beginning


I don’t know how far to go before giving a glimpse of my project :thinking:
So far I have 26 building blocks:

So here is what I did with them (and what I need to do) on my Medieval Inn project:

Outside view/ Roughly 10m x 6m x 8m (L x W x H)
TODO: Work on the roof’s edges + proper windows/doors

Ground floor/Pub + Kitchen + Storage place. The guy on the right is the bartender.
TODO: Add a fireplace + Beer mugs + Plates/Food + Close the staircase + Throw a party :wink:

Roof without tiles, I am pretty happy with it :slightly_smiling_face:
TODO: ? Dunno yet

First floor/Sleeping area/4 Bedrooms + 1 Storage place
TODO: Add beds + wardrobe + round the edges of some walls + extend walls to connect with the roof (Create a new set of walls, or make them local and extrude ? :thinking:)

General TODO: Add more details + proper materials/textures + lighting !

So, in conclusion, I have a lot of work to do but I will look at the next lectures before doing so.
I hope you are doing well on your own projects ! :wink:

Cheers !


I really like this Luc, fantastic detail - nice work :slight_smile:


Nicely done tile roof! I can never get them right so always resort to a texture job. Keep up the good work!


Very nice indeed. I look forward to seeing it completed.


I really like your house, it is amazing.

This is so cool… great job and even little people in it! Keep up the good work!

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