Mechanics Physics In Unity

Hi, I´m learning mechanics physics because I want to work in video games and I think that it’s interesting and important understand it (both, kinetics and dynamics). I bought one of the first Bem Tristem course about physics, I really like how Bem teach physics, but I think that this is an old course and a little outdated (and now Bem can create a better course :)). I think about it, and I would like a course that revises mechanics and use the unity tools to make an example of each topic. There are some books about creating physics engine, but there is not course that teaches every concept with unity tools (for not reinvent the wheel).
Maybe revise quickly the formulas and core concepts, and focus the course about the tools that Unity has (because despite I learnt some topics, I don´t know the exact way of doing it in Unity in a good or professional way).
Thank you and regars :slight_smile: