Mecha ready to duty

Ok here my mecha, I actually did two different poses in different days and noticed that my workflow suck. As you see there is different lighting and materials here and there on environment.
It didn’ helped that I did reshot with running pose (and started from blend file without background)
I experienced with smoke, and it was not that successful but I kept it any way, liked idea too much.

Mecha itself turned to be lot more better than I expected, my friend requested to do ED-209 from Robocop next :smiley: I am doomed


Because of the chosen viewpoint, the mech looks tiny.
Even in comparison with the stoned wall, you get a small feeling.

… if something is big, you look upwards.

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now that you said it, that’s true. Also wall texture is too big so it doesn’t help with perspective.
I generally like upper view so I went for it without second though. Something to remember on future.


Then add objects for reference so that viewers can scale the Mech.
Like adding a car, pilot, or maintenance personnel.


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