Mech Progress

I found an interesting mech i liked on google, so this inspired by it, but I am no where near good enough to make it an actual representation… lol.
progress 1:

progress 2:


I’m really digging the way the legs work. as for the nowhere near good enough comment… Nahh… You can do it. Give it a shot. I bet you will get closer than you thought.

Thanks, man! The legs have been a lot of fun figuring out, challenging but fun. :slight_smile:

A little further progress this morning…


Very good very different Mech, great reference to inspire you.

The actual practicalities of any two legged mech, including Grant’s, working we just have to ignore. Destroy them all by asking them to stand on one leg. Stranded where they stand. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Though this one might be able to use those long arms as extra legs and actually be able to move.

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