Mech Farmer

Link to a short clip of my current project, MECH FARMER (think Stardew Valley but with rocket launchin’ robots!)

I’ve used lots of things picked up from Ben, Rick and Mike - mouse control and UI from the RPG course, quickly making mock-ups in Blender, particle collision from Argon Assault (although I’ve tweaked it so that the enemy handles damage, various ammo types effect each differently) and the tile placement from Realm Rush was invaluable in placing and saving data on my crop prefabs. Lots of work to go yet but just thought I’d share my progress at this early stage.


(Oh, and any suggestions for a different title would be appreciated!)


Hey, is it “Love Death and Robots”?

P.S. It looks great! :3

Ha, thanks SonyKar - I had a similar idea years ago but with construction mechs, but once I saw the “Suits” episode of Love Death Robots, I knew that would be perfect - I’ve always wanted to make a Harvest Moon type game anyway so it all fell into place. :wink:

That is exactly what I was thinking. “Love Death and Robots”

Looks like something id like to play!

Great work

PS - FarmTech, Farmechanic, Robo Cropper, Mechrops, Mecha-Crops, Farmetronics, Mecha-Cropicon


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  • Mech Valley,
  • Grow or Die!,
  • FarmTech,
  • Farm Warrior,
  • Ant’s Farm 2050,
  • Save the Cr@ps!,
  • Mech Donnald’s
  • Grow, Kill and Repeat
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Ha, clever… maybe Grow, Kill, Repeat: Edge of Tomato :wink:

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