Mech Body Created

I have completed the body for my mech. As with the cockpit, I will continue refining it and adding details as I go along but the main structure is there and I am pretty pleased with it. Images attached for critiques, all rendered in Cycles.

Front view:

Rear view:

Low angle view to show underside details:

As always, any feedback is welcome.



Very nice still as it grows.

One thing I spotted, the fans are mirrored, so working, were they to do so, in opposite directions. Not impossible just unlikely there would be left and right rotating fans. Spare parts nightmare!


Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been staring at this for days and didn’t even notice the mirrored fans LOL.

Have sorted it now so should be fine for the upload for the legs when they are done. Have also detached the fan assemblies from the main cockpit and body parts so that if I need to mirror them again, the fans won’t be affected.

Thanks again for the feedback