Maybe solved later, but why doesn't gravity pull down here?


I’m finishing this section where we make invisible walls.

Why is it we can just walk of ledges and stairs and not fall down? Shouldn’t gravity be working at this point with using character body?


Characterbody handles collision and movement, but does not have any built in physics. The Rigidbody is the node that has all of the physics built in, but it isn’t designed for tight movement controls.

I’m about 70% of the way through the course, and we haven’t implemented gravity. There is some trickery that we employ with the slopes and pathfinding to stick the character to the stairs so they don’t fly off into the air, but I can still walk off of the map without falling (I assume we will end up putting more invisible walls or set dressing to block off the holes in the map). It’s not really the kind of game that needs to run physics, which is probably why it’s been left off entirely.

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