Mayan pyramid with detailed top - comparison to the one I made in Blender 2.79

This was the pyramid, that I made with Blender 2.79

And this is the one, I have modeled in the new Blender version so far. Blender 2.8

I was interested in modeling some details like stone blocks and architectural details in an efficient way. The stones weren´t modeled stone by stone. I am also interested in light and atmosphere.



Just curious, how were the bricks done? Array?

Array would have been a good alternative. In this case I have experimented with bevel.

Are the bricks another object then?
Can’t see how just using bevel does it, unless you used inset and extruded first.

The bricks aren´t objects.

That are the steps of the workflow:

  1. loopcuts
  2. making the pattern of the bricks by dissolving some edges
  3. bevel the remaining lines to faces
  4. alt + e, extrude the gaps between the bricks.
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Ah knew that there was more to it!

So the in the end there are ngons and there is this alt+e which i will test what it does !

Thanks for clarifying :smile:

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Was trying some random stuff with the Alt+E (Extrude Individual) that’s a really good shortcut combined with Double I (Inset Individual)


looks cool! :slight_smile:




Love it :heart_decoration:

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Thank you Kraventh!:purple_heart:

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