Mayan Pyramid at Dawn

I tried to create a nice sunset atmosphere by working with volumetric lighting. Feel free to leave some feedback or comments. Thank you! :grinning:


Because of the sun, it is for me more an alien landscape.
It is a nice composition with a certain mysterious atmosphere.
I love the flames. It is a nice addition.

Love it

To avoid the pixelated sun I recomend you add the denoiser it’s located in the icon which looks like a bunch of photos (called context) below the scene selection window at the bottom if you tick it it should solve your problem.

But over all it looks really nice BTW how did you make the fire effect?

I made a screenshot from my material nodes. I found out how to do it in a youtube video but I don’t know anymore how to find it.:smile:

I like it!

It is awesome¡ I love it¡
Maybe you could try to repair this “noise” in the sun for reach a perfect result.

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