Mayan Piramid with top details and volume

I’ve been testing the subdivision and extrude functions (and my system memory I guess xD) to add details and volume, trying to add some sense of ruins.


do you use a bumpmap or displacementmap for the texture? :slight_smile:

@Juliette_Reek it’s not a texture, I believe (and correct me if I’m wrong @Tanasten) he’s using the “Subdivision Surface” modifier, and then extruding different sections so it looks like bricks popping out? Very creative @Tanasten! It’d look uber awesome if you added a texture over it :smiley:

yes it be uber awesome


Thanks for the interest.

It was made like Zii commented, using Subdivision and extrude function. It’s not very optimal (a bit more than 10.000 polys :joy:) so it’s not recommended for a game, but it looked promising to me for high poly models.

I will try to add the texture whenever I learn how :joy:


ok Thanks!

this is awesome!

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