Matrix board game theme and components


Hi i initially thought of a Advance AI theme for my 5x5 grid game. but then when i came to components lecture. i changed it to a matrix theme. So now my game has 3 characters for red team (Neo, Morpheus, Trinity ) and the blue one has (Agent smith, Agent Jones and agent brown).So it has like a blue color circular plate and a 3d printed characters on top. Its an elimination game but the Agents multiply, and there is like a phone booth teleportation on 2 tiles randomly placed on the board agents need to destroy these. there is also skills for both teams. Agents get Twins(ghostly forms) or (Trainman and Architect). The red team gets (spoon boy\sati and oracle) or (tank and cypher) basically this is based on strategy. So the red pill team and blue pill team. Let me know what it sounds like i need to rewrite the rules. I really want to make this game.

Game mash Up Idea

What player experience do you intend here that makes you really want to make this game?