MathBot on Discord - A brief guide to LaTeX

MathBot was recently added to the Discord server, which means we now have the ability to use LaTeX in chat. This is super powerful and allows us to easily share and discuss equations too complicated/cumbersome to describe with regular text.

Unfortunately, it does require a little effort to use but it’s worth learning the syntax since it will come in very handy as you progress through the course.

Luckily, this page has pretty much everything you need to know. So bookmark it for future reference:

The basics:

  1. To get MathBot to format your equation in the chat you need to type =tex [equation]
    (replacing [equation] with you actual equation)

  2. Braces { } are used to group elements together (you’ll use this a lot)

  3. The carat ^ is used for superscript:

  4. The underscore _ is used for subscript:

  5. The backslash \ indicates a special command - there are a lot of these but you should learn the most common ones quick enough (you remembered to bookmark that link, right?):

  6. You can now get creative and use all of that together to get something like this:

I hope this helps get a few of you started. With a little practice, you’ll be a LaTeX pro in no time.
Now, why not test out your new skills in the #maths channel on Discord and show us what problems you’ve been working on. See you there.