Math - What is Pi - Challenge

In this lecture we introduced the circle constant π (Pi) and found out where this number comes from.
We also looked at it’s lesser known cousin τ (Tau).

For your challenge, find the circumference of a circle which has a radius of 8 units.
You can give your answer in terms of π, τ, or to 2 d.p.

Post your answer below and remember to use the spoiler tags.


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My answer is different to the Eddie’s above… not sure if I made a mistake?

I get 2pi*(8) = 50.26

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Good spot.

@EddieRocks, your decimal representation is off. You got the right answers in terms of pi and tau though.

@olidadda, your answer is slightly off due to a rounding error.

The correct answers should be;

16π = 8τ = 50.27 (2 d.p.)

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Oops… I really need to learn to read and type correctly…

Me too! :sweat_smile:

In the lecture we learned C / D = PI which means C = PI * D

Now the diameter equals to 2 * radius.
–> C = PI * 2 * R

Using the numbers of the example
=> C = PI * 2 * 8 ^= 50.27

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