Math - The Quadratic Equation

In this lecture we dissected the terms that make up a quadratic equation, and looked at how each of these components affect the shape and position of the curve.

Did you expect each term to affect the curve in the way that it does?

Just wanted y’all to know it’s great stuff and I’ve enjoyed the course. Shame it’ll hit an end so soon but easy to binge through.

@XavierMagnus I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the course, and great work making it through all of the current content.
The next section on “Angles and Circles” will start very soon (within days). And we’ll be adding around 2-4 new lectures a week that section. We also have additional sections planned after that, so the course isn’t quite finished yet! :smiley:

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This was fun and it surprised me, but understandable.

If a is ‘0’, no parabolic line, but a horizontal line. As explained.
Changing b, the straight line rotated. Due to b acting as the line gradient.
And the increasing b sets the line in a more vertical position.
But, as we learned in previous lessons. There can not be a total vertical line.
The higher b, the less influence is has on the nearly verticalness? of the line.

This weblink, for the graph, made things clearer. THX

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Did anyone else spend way too much time on the Exploring Quadratics page…?
Because I did haha! Learning CAN indeed be fun.