Math - Solving Any Triangle

In this lecture we condensed everything we know about solving triangle problems into an easy to follow decision tree, making it easy to pick between; the Pythagorean theorem, SOH CAH TOA, the sine rule, and the cosine rule.

In the resources you’ll find a PDF version that you can print and keep. Hopefully you find this as useful as I did when I was first learning all the different ways to solve triangles!

Where are opp, hyp, and adj in this triangle, my main question is how can I define the opp, hyp, and adj to find the angle? @garypettie


For a right-triangle the hypotenuse is always opposite the right angle, since this will always be the longest side.

The opposite and adjacent sides are relative to the angle you’re trying to measure, so it’s hard to say without more info on the diagram.

If you’re not working with a right-triangle, you get into the territory of needing either the sine or cosine rule.

Remember that you need at least three pieces of information to solve a missing angle or side length of a triangle and your diagram only has one at the moment, so you wouldn’t be able to do much with that as it stands.

I hope that helps.

Thanks sir, now I understand all stuffs. but still I have lost of confusions in vector dot and cross I think, I should first search them in internet then ask in community.

thanks for summary and pdf. I was confused a lot because of rapid many information. I am gonna look at pdf til I remember everything

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