Math - Simultaneous Equations (Substitution)

In this lecture we learnt how to solve our simultaneous equations using substitution.

How did you get on and which method do you prefer to solve simultaneous equations (graphical, substitution, elimination)?

When watching the graphical solution it reminded me of linear optimisation from an operations research lecture i heard few years ago. But i forgot a lot because i never had to use it later on even though it was very useful.

Out of those three i prefer solving using elimination.

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Originally, I took the first equation and multiplied it by 5, constraining f to one side do that I could substitute that directly into the second equation. This seems to be what works best for me.

Guess that’s jsut making elimination longer. (Honestly, its been so long for me I didn’t want to take the risk of creatign a rule I made up.)P

I find the substitution method to be the easiest for me to solve

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