Math - Rounding - Challenge

In this lecture we discuss various ways to round numbers.

Your challenge is to take the number 6.283 and:

  1. Find the Floor of the number
  2. Find the Ceiling of the number
  3. Round the number to both 1 & 2 decimal places.

Pop your answer below and remember to use the spoiler tags.

I’d also like to mention that the code examples in the video are in pseudo-code only. So whilst many languages will have a similar syntax to how I’ve written them, it’s always best to check the documentation for your language of choice - otherwise you may get caught out by some unexpected behaviour.
For example, the System.Math library in C# doesn’t use traditional midpoint rounding and instead uses something commonly known as banker’s rounding, so you have to explicitly change this if you want things to work how you expect.


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1 DECIMAL: 6.3
2 DECIMAL: 6.28

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