Math - Remainders - Challenge

In this lecture we looked at how to find the remainder after division and how this can be useful for decision making.

Your challenge is to imagine a 4 player game, and figure out who goes first.

Player 1 is assigned the remainder 0.
Player 2 is assigned the remainder 1.
Player 3 is assigned the remainder 2.
Player 4 is assigned the remainder 3.

To decide who goes first, find the remainder of 63 ÷ 4.

Pop your answer below and then set a new integer (to replace 63) for the next person in the chain to try.



The question is a little unclear as it says find the remainder… :wink:
Remainder 3 so player 4

Is 3 the remainder of the starting player? :wink:


Player 1 (remainder 0).

Next number: 55

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Player 4 (remain 3)

Next Number: 93

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