Math - Linear Equations

In this lecture we looked at the linear equation. We also learnt what happens when our lines are horizontal or vertical.

For your challenge, you need to match up the equations to the type of line:

  1. (x^2 / 4) – 3
  2. y = ln(4)
  3. y = x/2 + 2
  4. x = 1

A. Vertical
B. Parabola (not a straight line)
C. Positively sloped
D. Horizontal


1 ( B )
2 ( D )
3 ( C )
4 ( A )

I don’t want to be mean but can something be done for the posts that are challenges responses not hidden (in spoiler brackets or anything)? Even more so when it’s a new topic, next to the official challenge topic.
Because I scroll down to find the official challenge and then I find it between other topics that spoils the answer.
Anyway. Great lessons as usual!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed it on to the powers that be.
From what I’ve seen, the majority of students are adding the spoiler tags, but these aren’t currently being translated to the previews under the videos. I’m not sure if it can be fixed but I’ll continue to create a central thread for each lecture to try and mitigate the problem (Most of the other threads you see where created before the one I added).

Oh ok that explains it. Thanks!

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@garypettie Great content! I am sorry about nit picking here, BUT small detail in that line D is a little too high on the graph. With ln(2) = 0.69 we would expect it to be under the first Y hash. Thank you so much for the hard work and amazing content that is here! I am honestly learning so much!

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I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the content so far!

You’re absolutely right. Line D more closely represents y = ln(4) rather than y = ln(2)

Well done for spotting this error, I’m always happy to be corrected and will update the challenge accordingly.