Math - Combining Waves

In this lecture we took what we learnt about manipulating individual waves and looked at what happens when we start adding two or more waves together.

This allows us to make more complex patterns and create far more interesting animations for our objects.

Try applying what you’ve learnt to an object in your own game and share your results - I’d love to see what you come up with!

Hello, I m a quite confused about this topic. I dont understand how to actually combine the sine waves mathematically to get the final wave.

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I was excited when you proposed that we apply these ideas to objects in our own game… however, this is the first course and we haven’t learned how to start making games yet! So… not sure how to do that. I would really like an addition to this topic teaching us a simple way to do that so we could apply the idea ourselves and use it as a new Challenge Question!

Thank you so much for all of these math courses. I’m learning something new each time I take another one. Cheers!

These last two lectures were super cool, the applications seem endless. Love the wave for the flickering light, it works so well. This course keeps getting better!

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For my in-app project, I just did a blinking cube to try and suss out the particulars of implementing sine functions. One really important thing that wasn’t necessarily covered in the lecture was normalization of the wave - in my case, I was trying to go between two colors (black and white) using Color.Lerp(), and something I found out is that if you try and apply the final value from your combined sine functions, there’s a good chance it’s going to go outside of the 1/-1 range of the Lerp function (makes sense in retrospect). If you find your highest peak and lowest trough, you can pass these into Mathf.InverseLerp() along with the value of your combined sine functions and it’ll normalize it for easy use in Lerp or other similar functions that oscillate between 1 and -1.

*It should be noted this was all done in Unity, so hopefully this all applies to other readers…

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Thank you for giving us this information! Very good to see that you are trying to understand the topic even more. Keep on going!

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That’s cool, thanks!
Now my cube can bounce happily across the screen :slight_smile:


That’s very cool and build confidence for future


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