Materials not showing when adding starter content UE5

I don’t add my starter content to my Github. I started my project on a different machine

and cloned my project to my laptop. The level looks like this. How do I get my materials back? I imported starter content.

Are they applied on the mesh?

Hello Dan,

The materials were attached when I worked on a different computer. I committed my work to the computer I was working on, trying to open my project. I don’t have starter content in the project I cloned from my GitHub to my laptop. The materials show up on my other computer, which is not with me right now.



Hello Dan,

I actually figured it out the other day. These are these steps that were taken :

Unreal 5 Texture Relinking from one project to another project

  1. The folder Structure should be the same
  2. Redirect first then move the project
  3. If you have already a project, migrate it. If you don’t have the project copy and paste starter content before opening the project.
  4. Open the project after it’s copied

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