Material Stretching on Static Meshes

How do you handle the material stretching when you apply it to a scaled static mesh object like the floor? For the materials I had to create BSP/Geometry/Brushes and then convert them to Static Meshes.

Sorry, here is a screenshot of what I am talking about, these are both static meshes, one is the 400x400 the other is a 400x400 that is scaled up. When I apply a material it gets streatched and not tiled.

Here is a clearer example,

Hi. It looks like your static meshes need to be re-UV unwrapped in order to keep your material sizes consistent. If you are using the generic shape primitives from Unreal then you may be “locked in” to the current UV maps that those shapes have.

So, one way out is to create an instance of the material and plug in a Coordinate node and re-size the material as needed for each mesh. That means a separate material instance for each differently-sized cube. To learn more about creating material instances please check out the Unreal Materials Tutorials. The last two videos (number 9 and 10) talk about creating material instances.

Another way out is to create your own set of cubes in a 3d application like Blender and import them into Unreal. Easy enough to do as Unreal is meant to play well with others.

Either way you choose I wish you good luck. Sorry for the late reply. I’m a new student to the course here.

One more thing, You could try the BSP tools to create the geometry you want. The textures should come out more even with using that option. Good luck!

Definitely wondering the same!

Following up on my wondering of earlier, I found the following on the Unreal forums. You might want to copy the material if you try it, but I tried it myself and I can confirm that it works for the types of walls we’re using.

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