Material Challenge - Watch Tower

Alright here is the “Watch Tower” Scene with materials.!


I wonder, how do I render this within blender to create a file, I have been taking a Snip of my screen to make them.


You can render (F12 Blender 2.79) and save the output to a file (F3 Blender 2.79).
In Blender 2.8 after render you got an extra window. From there use the menu to save as.

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Yes Blender 2.8 (I never got passed making a Cube in previous versions so I have no knowledge of 2.79 whatsoever, the transition for me was too difficult demotivating etc)

So consider me a complete Blender newbie

Now…up to now there were no instructions in any of the videos on how to render or take a screenshot of our challenges within blender. Unless I missed it?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can find those lessons in videos 10 - 12 but it boils down to…

  • Set your camera to frame the scene
  • Make sure you’ve got light in the right places
  • Press [F12] or go to ‘Render —> Render Image’
  • Then save the Image by going to ‘Image —> Save As’ in the image window. (This may appear as a separate window or it may replace one of the portions of your current window depending on the settings)
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Basic steps to render scene in blender.

  1. On the right go to the properties panel. It’s the one with all the little glyph,s on tabs.

  2. Choose the render tab… it should look like the back of a camera and is probably 2nd from the top. Mouse over a glyph and the name will pop up.

  3. In the render panel at the top is render engine. It should say Eevee. Which is probably fine for now. I used Workbench on mine. Cycles is Ray Tracing so is very involved. Eevee might require a little experimentation to get something nice. But is worth a shot as is.

  4. Press N on your keypad to open panel find Lock Camera to View to manipulate the scene from camera viewpoint.

  5. Framing the scene is View -> Viewpoint -> Camera. Or numpad 0.

Hope this helps. Capricas pointed out it renders in a separate window so just save the image and close.

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Thank you all for the instructions. Appreciate :slight_smile:

Moving on, with excitement! Till next challenge.

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