Master Mobile Game Development with Godot 4, testing ?bugs?

I will try to describe the issue I am having related to testing.

Everything is working up to this point, however…

If I install from the play store and attempt an in app purchase on my personal phone (the account associated with the phone has been added to the tester list in the play console) it works fine.

In fact it works perfectly and asks me to pay with my actual google payment method, not a “test card” as shown in the lesson.

If I attempt to install using one click deploy over the top of the install from the play store godot fails to install. If I uninstall the version from the play store I can then install using one click deploy. However now when attempting a purchase I get an android error saying that the version of the application on the phone is not configured for google play.

So… how do you get the option to use (or accept in the play store) a “test card”?

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Hi Grater.Games.42,

Unfortunately i was not able to get my account activated to use google play and payments so i was not able to test this part of the course so i am not sure what is happening here.
I am hoping that a member of our community can help you figure it out but it may be an idea to jump into our discord server and ask in the #godot channel to see if anyone else has had this issue and got it working as well.

Good luck in getting this resolved.

Thanks for the reply, maybe one of you all could send Kahn an email and ask him how he set up for the “test card”.


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