Mass 0.06 worked for me but

it seems that for everyone a different mass works for them. Why is the mass different for everyone, how does this work, and how come it’s not uniform for everyone?

Hi Jamie,

Unity uses the size of the colliders for some physics calculations, so, students will create different shap/size ships, the colliders on those cubes/spheres will be different sizes and as such, you’ll need different mass settings in order to get “lift off”.

You may also have a spaceship made from several child GameObject’s, each with their own Rigidbody, for example, this could also affect the physics calculations.

There are other settings in Unity which you can change too, one of which being the value for gravity, but I doubt that everyone has fiddled with that and set different values, more likely to be the above.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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