Masking Parts of Hair

I posted my hair result earlier this week, but it wasn’t really what I was going for and I couldn’t help but continue working with it. What I want to do is straighten and puff the sides of the hair without effecting the lower parts of the hair strands. When I use either tool it ruins the inward flip at the bottom of the strands.

My question is: is there any sort of mask tool for parts of the hair like in sculpt mode? Is there a way to maybe separate and bake the lower parts of the hair?

Posting where I left off and what I am going for.

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I think the technique is to use single hairs and shape them.
Than add, increase hair childs.

There is a mode editing hair where you can select points along the strands separately. So you can move them like a curve more or less. But hair is something I use hardly at all, so not familiar enough with it to give better advice. I suggest looking for a hair specific youtube tutorial.

For more clarification:

I added single hairs with children, shaped the strands and added more strands with interpolate. The problem I am having is I want to go back in reshape the hairs with the smooth and puff tools, but they immediately undo the shape of the ends of the hairs.

Here’s an example of what happens with a single click using the puff tool. It’s the same across all modes.

I am reading the manual page now and I think the mode just might not be that advanced. It’s possible I could redo the whole system with fewer particles and more children to get a smoother result.

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Or use multiple hair systems.


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