Mashup Idea: Catan to Ride


One quick idea:
Giving Ticket to Ride mechanics to Catan, with removal of the dice.
- On your turn, you can choose to get one of the available resource for each of your villages (or two for towns)
- Or you can choose to build one village
- Or you can choose to upgrade it to town
- Or you can choose to build a contiguous road (they must be connected, but as long as you want)
- Or you can buy as many improvement cards as you want
- Ticket to Ride type of quests can also be added to the game (and they are giving you victory points), like:

  • Build a village among three different resources
  • Build a village on the shore with a sheep 2:1 trader
  • Connect three of your villages with a contiguous road
  • etc…

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

I love removing dice from the equation - it make it much more about planning and strategy than a lucky roll! i think this would be a winner!

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