Mash up Idea "Dom-abble"


This game mashes up dominoes and scrabble. 2-4 players. 48 tiles.

What’s this game about?
-It consists of making up words by using tiles like those in dominoes but instead of having dots they have random letters.

What do I do?
-Each player has to pick up 6 tiles and every turn they have to play one tile and take another in order to have 6 the longest as possible until they are over. Each tile has two sides therefore the letters on the played side of the ! tiles must “match” (form an existing word with correct spelling).

How do I win?
-The game is over when the tiles are over or when there is no way to form new words. Each side of the tile has certain given points and each player has to add up these points according to the words they are making. The player with the highest score wins.