Mash up - Cashflow 101 X UNO

hello game devs.

First off let me say that I’m not sure if I posted this in the right section. I’m from the udemy course. If I didn’t just let me know.

This is a post about my Mash up game of UNO and Robert Kiyosakis Cashflow 101

The objective of the game is to get out the rat race


Cashflow is a 2 - 6 player game.

The spaces of the rat race are as follows

doodad - these are liabilities you buy like shoes, phones and games (sorry :slight_smile:)

opportunities - these are chances to make a lot of money to aid on to get out the rat race

Payday - the space where you get paid on your job

Small or Big Deal - these are endeavors that you can get into like stocks or real estate and the deals are either big or small

There are other things in there like taxes and having kids

I trust that everybody knows the unique aspects of UNO

So Now for the way I combined these

Deciding who goes first and second and so on: whoever has the highest number card goes first and next highest goes next and so on

In the Rat Race:

Reverse card can reverse a business opportunity to another player. This simulates that another person might’ve overheard of a business opportunity and put himself in position to take advantage

Skip can negate an opportunity. It simulates another player sabotaging a business opportunity for a person who landed on the space

Draw 2: get twice the taxes or babies or liabilities

Draw 4: get 4 times the taxes or babies or liabilitites

Wild: increase your investment money based on the color you choose and the number of those colors you have by 10s

example - throw a wild and choose green and have 3 green cards in your hand, investment increase 30%. If you have 6 reds, investment increase by 60%

Number cards: if you land on a liability space and your card is higher than your opponent, you can flip your liability to them based on the number by 100s

example: if you land on liability and buy an iphone, choose a player to sell your liability to. If your number card is higher than theirs, you’ve successfully sold it to them. If the higher number is 7 the buyer pays the liability price plus 700

this simulates selling skills needed to flip things to get money

And that’s about it. Let me know what you think.

Open to feedback

Hi, and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I haven’t played Cashflow so I would need to read further about it.
But so far as for comments:

I like the idea for the Wild cards as described in the example.
The use of Number cards also seems interesting, but maybe, instead of paying additional price based on the higher number, how about base it on the difference between the two cards? So, if the higher number is 7 and the other is 5, the additional price is 2 times 100. What do you think?

And some questions for now:
How do you get cards?
Do you discard them after use?

Hope you get to playtest this out if you still want to complete this. :slight_smile:

Thanks to this game I learned how to trade forex. thanks for the memories

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