#Mars Marine problem opening project

It won’t open the project. This is what it’s saying when I try. I’m using unreal 5.3

Try moving the project somewhere else other than your downloads folder (documents, for example) just to make sure. Also, is this the first time opening 5.3 or have you been using it for the rest of the course?

I just tried moving it and got the same message.

And I’ve been using 5.3 for the rest of the course and even for a different course I started once I couldn’t get Mars Marine to open

Can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner…

You can’t open a project that’s contained within a zip file, you need to extract the contents first.

Oh my goodness… I saw the icon and didn’t even recognize it was still zipped. I’ll go ahead and facepalm myself now. Thanks man!

Enabling “show file extensions” in File Explorer can help with that. I’m glad we found the solution!

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