Mars Marine Muzzle Flash in Niagara?

Following the instruction to create mars marine within Unreal Engine 5 I found that the muzzle flash particle effect is made with Cascade which seems not to be useable in UE5 anymore. So I am wondering if there is a chance for you to provide a Niagara particle system for those who try to follow your instruction in UE5.

Hmmm… odd. I’ve converted some projects that had Cascade particle systems from 4.27 to 5.0 and they work alright. The particle systems didn’t get converted to Niagara though, and it’s true that Cascade is deprecated in favor of Niagara but it still works.
So you could make a 4.27 project and convert it to UE5.

There’s also this plugin to convert Cascade particle systems to Niagara but can’t tell if it works or not as I haven’t used it yet:

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Thank you for that reply. This sounds like a reasonable workaround for now. I’ll give it a shot later this weekend.

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You don’t even need to do that. All you need is an existing project with Cascade assets in it and use migrate to transfer the effects across. If I recall the cascade particle effect is part of the Mars Marine assets so it should be there already. Then you could just copy an existing effect and adjust it to your liking.

They work just fine, just you cannot create them in 5.

Well I just checked back on the issue and it instantly worked as intended. No idea what i did wrong two weekends, nevermind. I will checkout the plugin as i do think it could become handy. Thanks again for both of your answers and time.


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