Mars Marine - Animation Blueprint

So we’re starting to get our Marine animated by making use of Unreal’s Animation Blueprints!

These blueprints can go quite in depth, but we’re starting with the basics by focusing on the anim graph.

Post any questions relating to this lecture below!

Loving the new content!

Hi Gavin,

Been stumped at this for a few hours now. Got the latest working version of Martian Marine from Git and it works great. Followed all the lectures to 54-55.

AnimBPGraph somehow not tying animations to directions in my project built alongside course project…Had animations working great from forwards and backwards. However, all animations not working at all now. Any quick fix ideas?

All functions as in course project, Anim graph too

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…

Great course, btw, any plans for a first-person pov demo?



SOLVED: Importance of Hooking up the Blendspace to the AnimeBP properly!


Working example…always important too that your functions behave properly before you collapse them down into function blocks

Good luck all…