Marketing course

Please make a marketing course focusing on how to market your game
Free and paid alternative
How to set up your game page
Different types of marketing
How to market your game using social media,email,ads,game page

And how to make your online presence

This is a super good course idea and would be a guaranteed purchase for me.

Currently looking at doing my first commercial project so needing to pull together all the current best-practices for gamedev marketing.

But would be lovely to have the GDTV guys passionately explaining what needs doing along with covering all bases on FAQs, do’s and don’ts, action plan, etc.

You don’t have to pay for a marketing course. There is nothing complicated about promoting a product. Do you want more people to know your game? You can spread the word on any social network without spending much money on advertising. All you need is even a small active audience. This 1394TA article can help you fill-up the number of subscribers. Thanks to it, you can use marketing basics without spending too much money. Approach things wisely, and then you are sure to succeed. I wish you good luck!