Marble Run testing finished

I’ve finished the first section for making the Marble run game in Unreal engine 4.20 as that is the one used in the course. I do have the Unreal engine 5 courses and went through the first section of it, I think the lessons on both will be equally helpful starting out. Looking forward to doing both courses completely.

I still couldn’t figure out how to upload and share this game made in the Unreal engine on, but I’ll keep trying in the future when I have actually completed and unique projects.

Wanting to make sure I could do a few things, so there are two levels that loop on each other when you complete one. It did take going back through while making the second level to really understand a few things.

Next Unreal projects are Warehouse wreckage and Crystal Cavern, while next on the Unity list is Project Boost. Excited to continue.

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