Marbel Run Floor Rotation Bug

I am experiencing a rotation bug in the marble run game. The floor looks like it is moving very little in Upwards Y direction and a lot in the downward Y Direction which makes the movement in the game feel bad and unpredictable.How do I fix it? Link to the Video showing the exact problem here →

Hi there! I’m assuming this is a duplicate post to the one that was posted on Udemy so I’ll copy my answer from there.

There isn’t exactly a bug here, but a potential tuning problem/exercise. Because of the angle the maze is initially sitting at versus the viewing angle of the camera and it’s position, it’s giving the false impression (or illusion, if you will) that the maze is not rotating as much as it actually is.

Try playing around with various camera positions, maze min/max rotation, and camera settings (Field of View especially) to see if you can get your project to look the way you’d want or expect.

To summarize, you’ve done nothing wrong here, this result is expected for the end of the section. This is a great time to play around with your project to get it looking the way you want.

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