Map Incomplete for SimpleShooters section

When I load up my map for the simple shooters section, the map is incomplete and when I do a map check it says that over 1,000 files have Null static mesh properties. I have migrated all of the individual mesh files again and it still is not working. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you extract all zips into the same folder?

Yes, when I downloaded the files I extracted them all to a folder I created called shooter assets

However I am on a mac so it does automatically extract. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it though

Is the map in the asset pack project complete? Maybe the migration was the issue.

I’m not sure, how would I go about checking if the map in the asset pack project is complete?

By opening that project and opening “Map1”

The map in the shooter asset project is also incomplete.

Then I would guess either you didn’t fully download the files or you failed to fully extract the archives.

What would be your recommended method for troubleshooting? I can provide any screenshots you may need

Well I was suggesting you try re-extract and/or re-download. But you could check the hash for each zip.

Here is the SHA-512 of each file. Just check they match and here’s how to calculate that on your end
How to verify checksum on a Mac - MD5, SHA1, SHA256, etc - How to Mac - DYclassroom | Have fun learning :-)

Algorithm : SHA512
Hash      : E978AAF37F9F99538F636FCEECDB39FEAF21C70DBB0BC7ACAE90E439D984757B6FAFDAD15823F0ACB09537114ABD7DA393F53347CBA
Path      :

Algorithm : SHA512
Hash      : 6846DC72E46ABFCEFEDB0E48771F086912C6C7743F5B8C320AB1126B8A3137BECE48A4F4DF373F898661FEE6AA6B04255C16A5DB8CD
Path      :

Algorithm : SHA512
Hash      : CF28542C2035BE092109EF52430D2E55754B63478EF067CBEEAE1A715D56C6F8A7F8A9A885A2FE105BFF359841571D4544316259E19
Path      :

I tried the checksum and the differences of the hashes are major. If you could take a look at this and give me further advice it would be very appreciated.

None of those appear to be the same so you should redownload the 3 zips.

Sounds good, one further question. Would that mean I would have to restart all of the lectures in this section or would it automatically update with the re downloaded files?

You’re just downloading assets which you would then migrate to your current project. The code wouldn’t be touched in this process.

Alrighty, thanks for the help