Manual vs auto

I really didn’t like how the auto turned out even after working on it for a few hours so I went in and did a manual retopo, I probably would have added a few thousand vertices to the auto version before accepting it so the total count isn’t super accurate. the neck took a lot of work to get half way decent and i spent a little time on the foot before giving up on it.

both shrink wraps are set to 0.001

i have a few questions

1 did i do it somewhat right?
2 is the creese on the hip correct for animation
3 should i have not followed the creasesfor the back muscles

Screenshot (75)

heres how it would look if i decimated it to around 5550 vertices


Manual looks good to me. Following creases good. I dare say some would say it could do so less, and the baking would still sort it out. All becomes a bit personal choice or specific limitations if using a game engine.


well following the creases was definitely a mistake good call on that NP5! almost every diagonal line didn’t come together when I triangulated the mesh and I didn’t realize until after all the paint was done, it was only when in rendered display mode and moving the camera around that could see the un merged edges poking through, J to join wouldnt work and couldn’t dissolve edges or just delete the faces and fill, I had to do loop cuts then merge at last however that didn’t merge the faces for some reason but now J worked.


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