Manual sprite slicing and sprite sizing

So 1 question and 1 comment (both of which might be “Don’t do that” for the reply).

Found some sprites which I think are kinda cool, but no matter how I cut them, there isn’t “regular” sizing for some of them. Is that going to ruin my day for the rest of this project? That’s the question. Right now, I’m assuming that as long as the reference points stay at the same point in the image it’ll be fine (IE. Player is always bottom left aligned in the image) or I’ll run into issues when I change the sprite of suddenly my player is 3 feet to the left of where they were because those reference points are wrong.

The comment was that I did manage to slice them, by apparently you can drag / drop the slice outline in the sprite editor which… assuming non-standard is fine, is going to be a life saver in this case I suspect.

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