Manual Retopology Warhammer Ork

From when I asked my question to now, I have done alot of practice trying to do this the best that I can, but man this was extremely tedious. I had to redo many area many times to get it to a spot that I was happy with but I think that extra practice was worth it. I found little ways for myself to keep the quads and the flow of the mesh going and I am fine with how it turned out. I believe that this is all quads and it ended up at around 12k quads so I am happy with that. I think maybe there is a bit too much detail in the face, but I spent alot of time working on the face so I want to preserve that detail in the final mesh so I think the extra polys there will be worth it.


Great achievement! And you’ve spent a lot of time on retopo!

But I’m also looking at certain problem areas where bending will take place.
And you see pro’s using different methods in mesh solutions.


Topology is tricky especially at first and practice, redoing. etc part of the learning process. Even then experts can still do things slightly differently.

Looks like you have got the fingers well worked out. But I do have concerns about the shoulder arm joining area. But it does look a solid basis to carry on with on this first character. Problems if any may only come about from animation movements.

Having a feeling of moving forward is important too. When you come to make another character this will all have been good grounding to build on.


Yes both of you are correct, I know that the joints are not great, but frankly I am quite sick of doing this for now lol. If any area becomes a significant problem during the animation section, then I will try and fix it then, but by then it might be too late. But what I have done cannot be worse than doing it the automatic way I would think. I am just hoping it wont cause too much of a headache down the line


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