Manual retopology: face counts to aim for?

When doing manual retopology for a full character, what’s a good face count to aim for, for various end goals? Anyone know any ballparks? I’ve tried searching online for this info, and it’s a bit hard to sift through. I know that it’s going to largely depend on VERY specific use case, as well as things like specs, etc, but I’m wondering if there’s anything even roughly approaching industry standard/expectations to use as a guide.

I feel like I’ve finished my ogre (it’s FAR from perfect, in terms of edge flow, I know, but I’m proud of it), and I’m trying to gauge whether I need to cut down more… Or whether I might even have “room” to increase the face count/adjust edge flow if the baking or animating doesn’t go how I’d like. My hubby has been learning Unity and we think it would be fun to try throwing the ogre in after and seeing what happens.

Mid level/poly gaming assets?
High level/poly gaming assets?
High detail animation, all pre-rendered?
Highest detail that would be feasible/easy to UV unwrap, if different from above?

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There is not one. The answer is always ‘it depends’.
On the uses and purposes and if using a game engine their particular needs. Whether the item is close or a further off item, etc.

Make a retopology that looks good, the levels Grant uses will probably not be far off an average game use.

You may get some better answers in the game engine forum, people that have done it rather than the Blender one where game use is actually not the only or main reason to be using it.


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