Manequin Legs Stuck in their place for crouch walk animation

I am using Unreal 5.3.2, so far I was not having issues, but when I do crouch walk, the legs are stuck in their place, and the upper body only moves. I know there is some retargeting issue for the animation, but I dont know how to do it

Hi and welcome to the community Eswar.
I’m going to need more information here. Everything needed is within the course materials so if you are having issues, it means you’ve missed something.

What I need from you is the course video ID identifying the video (shown below the bottom right of the video and is of the format nn_SS_EST where ss is the section code and is 2 letters and nn is the video number.

Can you also send a screenshot of what is happening please.

Finally, have you watched through the video a number of times. Sometimes you have to do this 3 or 4 times to spot the problem.

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