Man walks dog in park greyscale



Dog Park 0 Tree

There we go: I’ve used greyscale more in the park picture, trying to give some sort of depth feelings. Not a masterpiece, but I’m quite happy.
ManWalksDogInThePark_1 ManWalksDogInThePark_2 ManWalksDogInThePark_3

8x8 is not a lot to work with, but at the same time it takes off the pressure to make it look good… :slight_smile:

Park1 Park2 Park3 Park4 Park5

manwalkingdog1 manwalkingdog2 manwalkingdog3 manwalkingdog4 manwalkingdog5
Here is my attempt! Man and his buddy for a stroll by a tree in the park :slight_smile:


yes…I am aware that my dog looks like the spawn of Satan XD

Man Dog TreeShade

My first attempt.