Making your Health Pickups spin in place

Did some digging and found a little code that will make your Health Pickup spin in place. The Z (Yaw) rotator value dictates how fast it will spin. I found 2 worked well. The higher the value, the faster the spin.
(Note: This is placed directly on the Event Graph for the HealthPickup)


I liked this and did it for Ammo too. Then when you get to the end he does the same thing and takes it one step further to make it frame rate independent.

But since you’re reading the questions, now you get to have it the whole time you develop the game! LOL

Keep in mind that when you are using frame-independent rates (which you always should) it’s now X units / second. So you will need to adjust your desired speed to compensate.

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I went with 45 and -75 so that ammo and health don’t synchronize but I’m also temped to start them a little random so that they look better grouped together.

Great suggestion! Thanks for this. :+1:

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