Making pottery story inconsistant

The making pottery story requires either one or three prizes to be internally consistent. One overall prize for quality is sufficient for it to work. It seems unfair to the group aiming for quantity to be measured against quality criteria, this is the core of the stories dilemma. If there are only two prizes you would need to be clear either prize could be won by either group.

It parallels a Taoist story in which a painter finally provides an image for a client who is upset that it appears to take him so little time. The client is only satisfied when shown the many earlier iterations that built to the final piece.

Interesting that the “Leane Production Pipeline” was developed in Japan which has such a strong Taoist history.

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Very interesting information! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey Cliff,
While the pottery parable might not align with your sense of logical consistency, it’s actually a fair reflection of real-world clay work.
People who labor over a few pots tend to produce a small number of pots that look like they’ve been labored over. Production potters who learn the shortest path from ball to pot end up producing lots of compelling pots, as well as gaining recognition for making the most attractive. To be sure, this is partly due to material constraints, since clay that gets water-logged during long working doesn’t hold its shape. However, the reality of clay work underscores Ben’s suggestion that learning to work efficiently produces the best work.
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