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I have some questions about the Blender to Unity workflow. In this tutorial we exported a character from Blender into Mixamo, brought the animations/rig back into Blender, then exported to Unity to control the animations.

What is the process for making further changes to this character?

If I want to add more animations do I need to go through the export/import process again and replace my character in Unity with an updated FBX? If I change something in the mesh (ex. length of character’s legs) do I need to export back into Mixamo and redownload every animation that I was previously using?

Some advice on how to handle this would be appreciated!

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Mixamo has an animation library based on human, and animal motion scans. Very realistic.
But based on a standard rig. If you don’t have a standard rig then you are on your own.

Rigging for animation (in Blender) is different than for a game engine. Your workflow depends totally on your end goal. But are technically the same. You need to merge and blend animation sequences into a single motion flow.

It’s not to have one single object/scene (created in Blender), but more or less single data objects, managed by Unity software. Puppet with a basic rig, puppet for close by with a lot of facial bones. A walk pass, a swing pass, a stand, etc. All different kinds of action poses, are managed by the game engine because the user action determines the dynamic animation. While blender does static sequential animation.

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