Making a horror survival game (The Dark Woods)

hello guys

I’m looking for team members

For making a horror game so I do not want to speak too much

What I want is a programmer using Unity
Or any other program

And also someone who can make 3D models
and Texturing

I have a story and his follows —

Someone is lost in the woods
that’s it
in the game u need to find things that will help u to get out of the woods
because there is mad people in the woods that are trying to kill u

don’t worry i will not cancel it like @Dom_Cabrinha
XD :sweat_smile:

i am kidding
if u think u can help me just do it (dont let your dreams be dreams) hahha


in short i need the following :

a programmer


a 3d desinger


someone who can texture


Tze …

I´ve just postponed it for focusing on my 3d modeling skills =D

Good luck with finding some dedicated team members!

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