Make Your 3D Character Alive!

I’m studying Unreal Engine by Ben and character creation in Blender by Lee right now. I was thinking about a course to import your 3D character into Unreal (and Unity) and learn how to make it move and interact in the world.

This course could be divided into two separate ones. The first will teach how to make the actual 3D character in 3ds Max or Blender. It could teach how to make a person, an animal and a robot. The second part will be about importing your 3D character into UE4/Unity and set up the code/blueprint to make the character interact in the game. I would like to focus on:

  • Movement (walk and run)
  • Speak using lip-sync techniques
  • Camera interaction (FPS, 3rd person, side-scroller, etc., as per UE4 templates)
  • Use and hold objects. A few examples like carrying a gun, using a phone, working on a computer, push a button in a room, interact with another character, etc.
  • Emotions. Examples to make your character smile, laugh, be angry, etc.
  • And more!

Was looking for someone to pitch the idea of character animation!

I like this idea. I know some of these topics are covered elsewhere, but I think having one dedicated course to consolidate these concepts, go into them and detail, and expand their scope is a great idea.

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Here you go :slight_smile:

Super excited to announce the launch of the Blender Character Creator course :tada:

Time to ‘hop on over to Blender’ and get creating!

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