Make Something Silly Challenge and more

This is my silly Tinman for the blender Character Creator V2.0.

edit: now with edit mode. Scaling and face select.

What is this wizardry? Loop cuts? That is some serious magic right there.
I turned boxes into a near human. Maybe a lady bot. I dunno.
This program is incredible.


How is it making characters?

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good progress, it keeps the spirit up.
The woman is a bit small.
Don’t forget to apply the scale to these objects!

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To be honest.
Seeing a cube turn into a person shape with apparently rounded parts, is strangely satisfying.
After watching mirror mode though feel a little dumb. Could have saved myself half the work. LOL
Got so excited to see something that wasn’t a horrendous blob so yeah pretty great.

Thanks for asking, and what does student evangelist mean? Sorry very new to forums.

I will look up what applying scale means and do just that.
Happy that my terrible work can at least bring a boost. I hope I build a better person with the new mirror modifier I learned about. Now with something called applying scale. Thanks for the tip and the reply.
I’ll take in anything to keep up my momentum and push me through to game ready characters.

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