Make movement smoother

Hello. I added torque to the ball. But the movement too hard. It takes long to move and long to stop. I tried to increase the speed, and it moves fast, but it’s too hard to stop it. How I can make the movement smoother?

Hi, could you share some code/BP or some properties of your ball, so we would have more info about it?

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As I have read from documenation:

Accel Change
If true, Torque is taken as a change in angular acceleration instead of a physical torque (i.e. mass will have no effect).

So, maybe if you set it to false, then mass will affect the movement, so movement of light objects would be smoother? I’m not sure about this, just an idea

One way you can make stopping easier is to have an “AccelerationForce” variable and a “DecelerationForce” variable. You can then select which value to use based on if the “Axis Value” from you input event is greater than 0 (forward) or less than zero (backward/breaking).

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