Major problem with source tree

Alright so i have been learning new things and so i wanted the folder i made for this course to be inside another folder.

and now i try opening up sourcetree and i have this.

so i have to make a new repository from where i am now??

I figured it out…after royaly messing up lol. So i go and try to reapoint it to the foldier and i re point it to the wrong folder being the course folder for all the games for my tower defender instead of the folder of the game itself. Im really dumb and dumb people as myself only get smarter than to royally mess up like this lol ill just have to make a new repository and start from where i am in the section which i dont mind. Hope this mess up helps anyone who might run into the same problem.

Edit: k so i deleted the folder completely and then went to make a new repository of where i was in the defender project at the time and ended up still having everything? lol wont question it

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